Flipping House(s?)...

What to expect when looking at vacant...

What to expect when looking at vacant properties

Finding the right house to flip can be tricky – and sticky, smelly and/or hazardous. After a recent showing I was inspired to write this post about what to expect when looking at vacant properties, more specifically, bank owned properties. Because believe me, if you’ve bought a home the traditional way you’ve probably never come across some […]

Before and After :: My First Flip


Hey there! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! I’m hoping some of you have hung in there long enough to see this blog get put back together. And by get put back together, I mean digging through my memory, notes and hard drives looking for all the posts I lost when I accidentally deleted my […]

Future Flip backstory


In order to talk about my next flip I think it’s only right to talk about my last flip — which also happened to be my first flip. I also shouldn’t just be saying “me” — this was definitely a “we” type thing. I purchased a house for my boyfriend and I to flip in March of […]